Remote Production Conference

The Remote Production Conference is an online conference that offers two full days of cutting-edge sessions presented by top industry professionals who are well versed in remote production. These sessions are geared towards producers, directors, DP’s, production managers, and those in post-production whose clients now want and need remote connectivity.

Learn from production and post-production professionals all over the world and listen to panel discussions courtesy of the leading companies in the industry such as Adobe, AbelCine, Teradek, Blackmagic Design, LucidLink,, and more!

Your recording package will include digital screen captures and audio from all 30+ training sessions, panel discussions, and both keynotes hosted by Adobe: “Elevating Collaboration with the Golden State Warriors.” 

Only the complete conference package is available for purchase!*

Course curriculum

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    Table of Contents

    • Table of Contents

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    • Elevating Collaboration with the Golden State Warriors | Moderators/Panelist: Karina Anglada, Amanda Chin, Blake Wilberding

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    Production Track

    • Successful Hybrid Events: What Works, What Doesn’t | Instructor: Amy DeLouise

    • Maintaining Wireless Connectivity | Instructor: Gary Adcock

    • Video to Go: Backpack Production Kits | Instructor: Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Lessons Shooting 200 Properties | Instructor: Luisa Winters

    • Tools for Remote Review and Approval | Instructor: Nick Harauz

    • Remote Production Equipment - The Necessities | Instructor: Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • The Essentials of NDI and the IP Video Revolution | Instructor: Mitch Jacobson

    • Choosing Music for Your Video | Instructor: Luisa Winters

    • Take Control of your ATEM Switcher with Companion and a Stream Deck | Instructor: PhotoJoseph

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    Post-Production Track

    • Essential Sound Panel in Premiere Pro | Instructor: Luisa Winters

    • Creating Graphics for Multiple Deliverables | Instructor: Eran Stern

    • DIY Master Control Room Tour & Global Livestream Case Study | Instructor: Mitch Jacobson

    • Photoshop Essentials for Video Editors | Instructor: Rod Harlan

    • 3 Project Management Tools to Assist with Remote Post Production | Instructor: Nick Harauz

    • Guerrilla Guide to Remote Editorial for Next to Zero | Instructor: Jeff Greenberg

    • Editing with Music: Rhythm, Pacing, and Phrasing | Instructor: Luisa Winters

    • Understanding Contract Language | Instructor: Elaine Wyder-Harshman & Gary Adcock

    • NDI Integration with Adobe and Live Editing with Growing Media | Instructor: Mitch Jacobson

    • Drones in Journalism Aerial Storytelling | Instructor: Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Solutions for Managing Feedback in Post Production | Instructor: Nick Harauz

  • 5

    Technology Track

    • Remote Production Client-Inclusive Workflow | Instructor: PhotoJoseph

    • Live Stream: Planning and Production, Setting up for and streaming to YouTube | Instructor: Rod Harlan

    • Hiring Creative Workers Abroad | Instructor: Rod Harlan

    • Collaborating with Teams Globally | Instructor: Rod Harlan

    • Cloud/Blade Editorial: Remote Tools State of the Union 2022 | Instructor: Jeff Greenberg

    • Things They Don’t Tell You About Virtual Production | Instructor: Andy Jarosz and Gary Adcock

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    Adobe Track

    • Developing Your Creative Cloud Workflow for Effective Collaboration | Instructor: Karl Soule

    • Solving the Challenge of Remote Collaboration on Media Productions | Instructor: David Leopold, Rich Werhun, and Alex Ferris

    • Collaborative Editing: Let the NETwork for You! | with Dr. Gregory Johnson & Ashley Bramwell, Polk State College, Digital Media Technology Dept. & Adobe

    • Simple Yet Scalable Solutions for Hybrid-Cloud and Remote Production Workflows | With Dack Busch

    • Game-Changing Workflow with Camera to Cloud | Presented by with Michael Cioni

    • No More External Drives: Building a Collaborative, Remote, and Efficient Filmmaking Environment with Network Attached Storage | Featuring Matchstick Productions with Chris Fry & Murray Wais, Synology & Adobe

    • Everyone in the Boat - New Rules for Collaborating with Adobe Premiere Pro Team Projects | With Justin Schultz, Gannett | USA Today & Adobe

    • Editorial Collaboration with & Premiere Pro | with Shawn McDaniel,, an Adobe Company

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    Sponsor Track

    • Scaling Video Creation in a Remote World | Presented By: Riverside with Jonathan Keyson and Michal Milner

    • Remote Content Creation | Presented by Ross with Chris Kelly

    • Remote Production Techniques with Canon |Presented by AbleCine with Jeff Lee

    • Controlling Home Broadcast Setups Remotely with Blackmagic Design | Presented by Blackmagic Design with Bob Caniglia and Gary Adams

    • Managing Content Streams for Studio Level Visibility | Presented by Teradek with Greg Smokler

    • Automating Media Delivery in the Cloud | Presented by MASV with Majed Alhajry

    • Blackmagic Design Remote Production Overview | Presented by Blackmagic Design with Bob Caniglia

    • Free Adobe Training Courtesy of Dell for Precision Owners

    • Fantastic Voyage | Adobe Premiere Pro

  • 8


    • Open Q&A session with RPC Leaders | With Gary Adcock, Luisa Winters, PhotoJoseph, Jeff Greenberg

    • Exploring Real-World Remote Production | Led by Megan Donnelly with David Quintana, Becky Morrison and Greg Baron

    • Remote Post-Production and Mental Health | Led by Gary Adcock with Frances Illa

    • Remote Production's Future | Moderated by: Gary Adcock with Megan Donnelly and Colette Gabriel