Remote Production Conference 2020

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The Remote Production Conference is an online conference that offered two full days of cutting-edge sessions presented by top industry professionals who are well versed in remote production. These sessions are geared towards producers, directors, DP’s, production managers, and those in post-production whose clients now want and need remote connectivity. Learn from production and post-production professionals all over the world and listen to panel discussions courtesy of the leading companies in the industry such as Adobe, ARRI, Teradek, Quantum, LumaTouch, Facilis, Blackmagic Design, and more!
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Panels/Keynotes/Adobe Track

    • Embrace Opennes for Flexible Remote Production with Stephen Tallamy, Editshare

    • Streamline Your Remote Work: Productions in Premiere Pro and Team Projects

    • Working within a Remote Team: Adobe Team Projects

    • Favorite Things: Time-saving features in Premiere Pro and After Effects with Victoria Nece Annika Koenig

    • Adobe Keynote: The People’s Court: Managing the Plaintiff and the Defendant Remotely

    • Post & Production Panel: Looking Forward

    • Post-Production Panel: "What Is This Remote Post-Production You Speak of" Panel

    • GALSNGEAR Panel: Mastering the Remote Career Pivot

    • Adobe Keynote: Behind the Scenes of Yearly Departed

  • 2

    Production Sessions

    • Wireless Connectivity On Set with Gary Adcock

    • Remote production in the real world with Abelcine

    • Remote Camera Movement with Abelcine

    • Social Media Growth and Digital Content Distribution with Ben Whitehair, TSMA

    • Audio for Remote Production with Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Remote Interviews Prep, Tips and Tech with Amy DeLouise

    • Maximize your mobile for Remote Production with Glen Mulcahy

    • ARRI LIVE DEMO: near- and off-set remote solutions in traditional, multicam, and mixed reality production with Jason Inouye, Dan Reed, Patrick Schulze, and Francois Gauthier

    • REMOTE PRODUCTION: New Gear from Blackmagic Design to Aid in Remote and Streamed Production

    • Virtual Master Control Rooms for Live Stream Events with Mitch Jacobson

    • Remote Virtual Production for Education with Noah Kadner

    • The Cinematography of Streaming with Valentina Vee

    • Live Stream Planning and Production Setting up for and streaming to YouTube with Rod Harlan

    • Off Set Monitoring with Greg Ciaccio, Teradek, & Gary Adcock

  • 3

    Post-Production Sessions

    • On Air or Off How AI is Reinventing Media Processes with Drew Walsh

    • The Creative Guide to Remote Working with Nick Harauz

    • Creating Custom Graphics for Your Streams with Valentina Vee

    • Remote Post-Production: Cloud Based Workflow, Realities and Opportunities with Dave Hoffman

    • Remote Workflow with a Jellyfish: Real World Expectations when remotely accessing your media with Raibar Chener

    • Remote Editing Solutions to Fit Your Budget with Luisa Winters

    • Quantum, CATDV & FCPWORKS present remote collaborative editorial workflows using Adobe, StorNext, Quantum and CatDV!

    • Using Light Asset Management to Achieve Remote Working Goals with James McKenna

    • Pandemic Video Production: Shooting Unscripted Content Remotely with Steven LaMorte

    • Remote and Cloud Editing Primer: Which one is right for you? with Michael Kammes

    • Mobile Content Creation with LumaFusion with Caroline Scott

    • Remote Editing & Collaboration with with Michael Cioni

    • The Guerrilla Guide to Remote Editorial: Collaborative editing for next to zero cost with Jeff Greenberg

    • Wireless Post Production with Teradek