Post|Production World Online Fall (2021)

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Post|Production World Online is the world’s leading training conference for production & post-production professionals, content creators, designers, TV, film & video editors, producers, directors, motion graphics & online video specialists. View lesson tracks ranging from post production, motion graphics, business insights, and more with sessions for programs including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.

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Course curriculum

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    Post Production World Online VODs Table of Contents

    • Table of Contents

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    Building A Better World: Using Virtual Production To Expand Your Productions - A Keynote Presented by Blackmagic Design

    • Building A Better World: Using Virtual Production To Expand Your Productions

  • 3

    Work faster with Premiere Pro & After Effects, A Keynote Presented by Adobe

    • Work faster with Premiere Pro & After Effects

  • 4

    The Secrets of DaVinci Resolve

    • The Secrets of DaVinci Resolve Presented by Blackmagic Design

  • 5


    • Remote Workflows with Premiere Pro - Abba Shapiro

    • Working with the Essential Sound Panel in Premiere Pro - Luisa Winters

    • So you’re thinking of moving to DaVinci Resolve? - Scott Simmons

    • Documentary Editing: Setting Yourself Up for Success - Kelley Slagle

    • Using Speech to Text Technology to Edit Smarter in Premiere Pro - Abba Shapiro

    • The 10 Most Important Things to Know about Final Cut Pro - Nick Harauz

    • Reformatting Video for Social Media with Premiere Pro - Rich Harrington

    • An In-depth look at Color Grading with Final Cut Pro - Jeff Greenberg

    • The Best Third-Party Generators, Transitions, and Problem-Solvers for Final Cut Pro - Abba Shapiro

    • 20 Premiere Pro Techniques that Will Blow You Away - Eran Stern

    • Staying Organized from Ingest to Output - Scott Simmons

    • The Best Secrets to Filmmaking Success with Adobe Premiere Pro - Karl Soule

    • The Power is in the Trim: Mastering Trimming for Resolve Editors - Jeff Greenberg

    • Working Faster & Smarter in Adobe Premiere Pro - Abba Shapiro

    • Advanced Color Correction and Grading with Curves in Premiere Pro - Luisa Winters

    • Going Live with Virtual Productions: The Tools and Tricks for Realtime Storytelling Presented by Butcher Bird

  • 6


    • Corporate Training Video Production Essentials - Kelley Slagle

    • Things They Don’t Tell You About Virtual Production - Gary Adcock and Andy Jarosz

    • Working with Global Crews Remotely - Rod Harlan

    • The Art of the Interview - Frederick Van Johnson

    • Flying Your Drone Professionally - Luisa Winters & Francis Torres

    • Flying Solo: How to Survive and Thrive as a One Person Crew - Juliana Broste

    • Essential Audio for Interviews - Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Producing Travel & Lifestyle Content for Broadcast and Web - Darley Newman

    • Managing Data On-Set and In the Field - Gary Adcock

    • Product Videography: Capturing Effective Product Shots - Rachel Longman & Jake Cross

    • Choosing the Right Equipment for Remote Productions - Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Why Use a VR Camera for Standard Productions - Nick Harauz

    • Looking into the Lens: The Talent's Perspective - Kelley Slagle

    • Finding your Shot: Powerful Composition Techniques - Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Create Professional Audio at Home - Frederick Van Johnson

    • Producing MultiPlatform Video: Strategies for Success - Amy DeLouise

    • Large Format Lensing: Enabling 8K Capture - Gary Adcock

  • 7


    • Animated Letters: A New Way to Create Dynamic Typography - Ian Robinson

    • Invisible Effects: Fix It In Post - Eran Stern

    • An Intro to Adobe Character Animator - Chris Converse

    • What's’ New in After Effects? - Eran Stern

    • Tracking and Compositing in After Effects - Ian Robinson

    • Data-driven Animations in After Effects - Chris Converse

    • Erase Almost Anything with Content Aware Fill in After Effects - Rich Harrington

    • Photoshop Essentials for Video Editors and MOGRAF Artists - Rod Harlan

    • How to Create Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRTS) - Chris Converse

    • Contracts for Creatives - Seth Polansky

    • A Great Opening: Designing Title Sequences - Ian Robinson

    • Upcoming After Effects Features That Will Change Your Workflow - Matt Bach, Puget Systems

    • Get Started with Expressions in After Effects - Luisa Winters

    • Creating Engaging Motion Graphics for Social Media - Ian Robinson

    • Advanced Photoshop Techniques for After Effects Artists - Rich Harrington

    • Optimizing PC performance in Premiere Pro & After Effects - Matt Bach, Puget Systems

  • 8


    • Launching Your Creative Business: Legal and Business Considerations - Seth Polansky

    • Failing with Grace: How to Handle Mistakes with Clients - Rachel Longman

    • Unlock your Creative Superpowers! - Rhea Allen

    • The Art of Communicating with a Client - Rachel Longman

    • Business and Legal Issues for Documentary Filmmakers - Seth Polansky

    • Top 10 Ways to be a Well-paid Creative! - Rhea Allen

    • You’re Hired: How to Ace Your Next Job Interview - Rich Harrington

    • Five Budget Savers for Nonfiction Content - Amy DeLouise

    • Passion to Profits: Building Your Business & Brand - Darley Newman

    • Business and Legal Considerations in the Post-COVID World for Creative Pros - Seth Polansky

    • How to Get New Clients for Video Projects - Rod Harlan

    • Follow-Up Forum: How to Close More Business Deals - Rhea Allen & Sarah Cortez

    • Release Forms A Practical Guide for Creatives - Kevin Ames

  • 9


    • Producing Live Events on Zoom - Rich Harrington

    • Virtual Tours: Video, Photo, and VR - Francis Torres

    • Stop the Scroll: Creating Eye–Catching Content - Juliana Broste

    • Producing Live Streams: Pitfalls, Promotions & Platforms - Darley Newman

    • How to Be an Effective Producer for Social Media Content - Doug Daulton

    • Spotlight on Vlogging: Choosing the Right Gear and Approach for Web Video - Juliana Broste

    • Creating Amazing Video with Mobile Devices - Nick Harauz

    • Building an Online Community - Maxim Jago

    • Effective Pre-Production for Live Streaming Events - Doug Daulton

    • Producing Podcasts Professionally - Frederick Van Johnson

    • Finding, Vetting and Developing Talent for Social Media - Doug Daulton

    • Storytelling for Social Media - Darley Newman

    • Plotagraphs: Creating Animations from Photos and Particles - Troy Plota

    • Adding Animation and FX to Email - Chris Converse

  • 10


    • The Emergence of NFTs and What They Mean to Content Creators - Troy Plota

    • Innovations in Aerial Videography - Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • eGPUs: Power for Portables - Jeff Greenberg

    • AI Tools for Editorial Assistance: Saving Time and Effort with the Power of Artificial Intelligence - Jeff Greenberg

    • Understanding the New Reality of Virtual Production, Mixed Reality and Extended Reality (XR) - Gary Adcock

    • What does the Future Hold for Video and Film? - Maxim Jago

    • Synchronous and Asynchronous Review for Postproduction - Jeff Greenberg

    • Innovations in Virtual Reality - Nick Harauz

    • Artificial Intelligence in Postproduction: AI in Video Editing, Motion Graphics and VFX - Nick Harauz

    • A Social Dilemma: Doing it All or Narrowing Your Platforms for Maximum Impact - Juliana Broste

    • Getting the Most Out of Your Video Hosting Provider - Kelley Slagle

    • Creating Aerial 360˚ Footage - Francis Torres

  • 11


    • Preparing Photos and Graphics for Final Cut Pro - PhotoJoseph

    • Getting video ready for Social Media with Smart Conform - Nick Harauz

    • The Fundamentals and Flexibility of an 8k ProRes RAW workflow in Final Cut Pro - Levi Allen

    • The iPhone 13 and Pro Video and Photography - Rich Harrington

  • 12

    Learn from a Panel of Experts (All Days)

    • How to Build and Maintain Online Communities

    • The Future of Production: How Far Can Technology Take Us?

    • Lessons From a Year of Change: Relaunching Your Post-Pandemic Career/Content