After Effects World 2019

Recording Bundle - Lifetime Access

Organized every other year in cooperation with Adobe, the After Effects World conference offers Adobe After Effects users the chance to stay up-to-date with the constantly evolving software.

This program placed a particular focus on how to Automate Your Workflow. With newly developed features and tools like Master Properties, Essential Graphics, and a new Expressions tool, the training sessions focused on demonstrating the new ways users can make their workflow faster and more efficient.

Your recording package will include recordings of all training sessions including the Keynote session with Marti Romances, co-founder of Territory Studio, SF.

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Sessions in this package include:

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    • Better Compositing in After Effects with Eran Stern

    • Navigating the Intricacies of 3D in After Effects with Ian Robinson

    • Polishing and Finalizing with Jessica Thomas

    • Versioning Techniques with Essential Graphics and Motion Graphic Templates with Ian Robinson

    • Intro to Master Properties Template Design Elements with Zack Lovatt

    • Quick and Easy CGI Characters with Daniel Hashimoto

    • Thinking Outside the [Text] Box: Creative Use of the AE Text Animation Engine with Kyle Hamrick

    • Scripting 101 - Search & Replace Tool with Zach Lovatt

    • Practical Magic - Amazing Looks Through Real World Techniques with Jessica Thomas

    • Speeding Up Your Workflow from Design to Animation with Jessica Libby

    • Intro to Expressions with Zack Lovatt

    • My Directionless Journey with Daniel Hashimoto

    • Creating an Animated Typeface with Jessica Libby

    • Rigging Unique Illustrative Style Characters with Mair Perkins

    • Leveling Up Your 3D Animations with E.J. Hassenfratz

    • Getting Started with BodyMovin with Jessica Libby

    • Designing and Animating Shape Layers For Motion Graphics with Ian Robinson

    • Keyframes Corner with Ian Robinson

    • Removing Elements 101 with Ian Robinson

    • Streamline your After Effects Character Animation using Adobe Character Animator with Daniel Ramirez

    • Animate at the Speed of Live Using Adobe Character Animator with Daniel Ramirez

    • Introduction to the Game Changing New Cinema 4D R20 Features with E.J. Hassenfratz

    • Adobe Illustrator to After Effect: Best Practices with Kyle Hamrick

    • Title Design Techniques with Ian Robinson

    • Texturing Techniques [From Analog to Procedural] with Jessica Libby

    • Animated Logos with Jessica Thomas

    • Expressing Yourself: Mastering Expressions in After Effects

    • Mastering After Effects Shape Layers with Kyle Hamrick

    • Keynote: Beyond Hollywood Screen Graphics with Marti Romances

    • Fast & Easy Character Animation in C4D with E.J. Hassenfratz

    • Rigging Non-Human Characters in After Effects with Mair Perkins

    • Organic Energy Effects from Scratch with Daniel Hashimoto

    • Supercharge Your Cinema 4D Workflows with E.J. Hassenfratz

    • Procedural Templates with Daniel Hashimoto